Monsters & Guardians


***Please be aware that this is a DARK shifter reverse harem with a lot of NON-CONSENT for around the first half of the book. There may be triggers for some readers. It is not suitable for under 18s, or for anyone who cannot read NON-CONSENSUAL SEX***  

She's not going down without a fight...  

Fierce and feisty, Raine knows when she's being hunted. It's a sixth sense, part of who she is and a parting gift from her broken past. No family, no friends, she is a true self-made woman, independent and reliant on no one but herself.  

Unbeknownst to her, she's caught the attention of a bachelor pack of werewolves--five burly brothers, exiled from Ireland by their father until one of them stakes a claim on their mate and, in doing so, inherits the title of pack Alpha.  

They intend to take her, the vicious little redhead with murder on her mind, and make her submit to one of them before her estrus cycle runs out--few mortal women are compatible with werewolves for breeding, and time is of the essence.  

But Raine refuses to offer her submission, fighting for her freedom and her life, to the monsters demanding everything she has to give, everything she might have been, everything that makes her the woman she is.  

When the new world she finds herself trapped in becomes a battlefield of blood and fur, will her captors be her monsters or her guardians?