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My Ultimate Favourites

Aside from writing BDSM romance and Paranormal romance, I am an avid reader. 

I read over 200 books a year as well as writing my own, and have the unparalleled privilege of having the opportunity to read for some seriously fabulous authors as an ARC reader.

I will be sharing some of these wonderful releases with you via newsletter at the end of every month.

This page however, is for the books or series which have really had a positive effect on me (or in some cases left me wanting to cry and feeling bereft because there's no more!) and remain in my favourites forever.

The pages are split up at the moment into BDSM and PNR but seeing as I've gotten involved in the dark side of romance, and dabbling in the sci-fi/alien way of things, don't be surprised to find separate pages popping up for those as well. 

BDSM Favourites


The Sassy Submissive - Stronghold Doms #1

Golden Angel is a new author to me and she has blown me away with the Stronghold Doms series. I've read all eight books in six days and literally devoured each one. I couldn't put them down. She has created a wonderful world with several fantastic pairings of characters who essentially become family in your heart. These books are full of humor, ridiculously good sex and lots of spankings, and the storylines are all so engaging. They just get better as the series goes on, and I was cast adrift by the time I read the last one.

Start off your reading pleasure by meeting Adam and Angel in The Sassy Submissive.


Club Shadowlands - Masters of the Shadowlands

Another PHENOMENAL BDSM series, this time by Cherise Sinclair. Another author who has the power to keep me 1-clicking and reading until the wee hours of the morning. I'm in love with the entire series but book #9 is one of my true absolute favourites.

Again, another BDSM world that sucks you in and that you don't want to leave.  No details skimped on in some truly excellent sex scenes, some fabulous characters and thrilling storylines. The underlying thread of friendship and familial ties only cements this as being one of my top BDSM series to reread over and over and over again.

Jump into Master Z and Jessica's story, you won't regret it.


Black Light Rocked - Black Light Series

Now this series is just out of this world. To really enjoy it, I suggest reading Infamous Love by Livia Grant to get the back story to the Black Light series.

Black Light is a mixture of full-length works from different authors, and has also evolved into (at present) two anthologies by some incredible authors. This series doesn't just cover spankings and bondage, it runs the whole gamut of kinky pleasure, combining it with some swoon-worthy Doms and an array of lovable submissives. This is usually the first series I recommend to anyone looking for a high-quality, excellently-written kinky universe, and the quality just keeps on coming. This is a series I would live in permanently, with no questions asked.

Check out this wonderful cast of characters, you will not be disappointed.

Dark and twisted


Stolen - Dani Rene

This is a seriously twisted and intensely dark prequel to Dani Rene's upcoming Severed. I've had the pleasure of reading Stolen and I spent twenty minutes blinking slowly once I'd finished, trying to comprehend the sheer darkness I got sucked into.

Stolen is not for the weak of heart or stomach - it is the stuff of nightmares and not to be taken lightly, but if you love where the darkness takes you, and aren't afraid of some serious dub-con/non-con, gory death and pure evil in human form, Stolen is one for you! Release date October 19th 2018 so it's almost here....


Born To Be Bound - Alpha's Claim Book 1

This was one of my first Addison Cain books, and she rocked it. It's carnal, it's dirty, ever so non-con/dub-con, and Shepherd is a freaking beast everyone should meet. Not that Claire would agree, but oh well. Cain writes an epic story of uncontainable lust, massive and powerful Alphas, and an Omega who sacrifices everything for others. It is coarse, it is deliciously dark and moreish, and the series just gets better as Cain's Omegaverse expands.


Branded Captive - Wren's Song Book 1

Another dark, twisted and depraved tale from the self-proclaimed sadist, Addison Cain. Wren has no voice, is discarded into the wasteland and branded as defective merchandise. Another brave Omega, sacrificing herself for those in poorer circumstances than herself, and it comes at the cost of submitting to an Alpha and his two lieutenants.

A seriously good read, I read both book 1 and 2 in a night, and am desperate for book 3 to be released when the Holy Sadist deems it ready...