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Speechless - Dark Romance with a DD/lg Twist

  Anything that was nothing wasn’t human...
Stolen from her old life.
Stripped of her humanity.
Robbed of her voice.
Nothing but a number...
Lost and alone, she collapsed at the feet of men, silently pleading for help. Only one came forward, protected and defended her from the jackals lusting for blood. With no voice, no ID, no belongings, she was nobody, she was nothing. Inconsequential in the revolving wheel of life.
For Connor O'Malley, she was an angel, fallen from the heavens. Broken and battered, scared spitless of everything and everyone, he knew he had one hell of a job ahead of him. Her wounds were man-made, inflicted by a cruel hand, but the dirty, bloodied girl at his feet couldn't tell him anything of what happened to her. The brand seared into her flesh spoke volumes, but nothing could prepare him for the full atrocity of what had been done to her.
Death stalks her, wants her back.
How long can she remain speechless? 

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